City of Vladivostok


The Organizing Committee invites you to take an active part in the Workshop and in its successful preparation. We would also appreciate if you could circulate this information among your colleagues and potential participants.

Local Organizing Committee:


  • Dr. Anatoly Astakhov, POI FEB RAS
  • Dr. Leonid Mitnik, POI FEB RAS
  • Dr. Sergey Prants, POI FEB RAS
  • Dr. Pavel Tischenko, POI FEB RAS
  • Dr. Pavel Salyuk, POI FEB RAS
  • Prof. Aleksandr Bekker, FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University)
  • Prof. Talgat Kilmatov, FEFU (Far Eastern Federal University)
  • Dr. Dmitry Kaplunenko, POI FEB RAS
  • Mr. Roman Gubanov, POI FEB RAS
  • Ms. Amrtatjuti Sereda - liason officer, POI FEB RAS (

Scientific Steering Committee for PEACE:

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